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Investment Criteria and Services

KIS US focuses on a wide range of products and assets, and provides a full range of related expertise, support and services.

Real Asset - Debt/ Equity 

• Senior Debt – Core asset

    - LTV: ~60% / ~70%

    - Pricing: 1.50%+ / 2.20%+ over 1M SOFR (Fixed pricing is feasible)

    - Loan Term: Up to 7 years (Up to 5 years preferred)

    - Preferred Min. Loan Amount: $50MM+ ($100MM+ preferred)

    - Other: Non or partial recourse, I/O, 50 to 100bps origination fee

• Mezz / Preferred Equity – Core asset

    - LTV: ~75% / ~90%

    - Pricing: All in 6.5%+ for Mezz / 7.5%+ for Preferred Equity

    - Other terms to be negotiated

• Equity

    - Asset Class: Digital Infrastructure, Industrial, Residential

    - Strategy: Core to Core +

    - Preferred Min. Check: $100MM

    - Stage: From pre-leased development to operational

    - Investment Horizon: 3-7 years

    - Min. Yield: Levered CoC of 7.0%+; Levered IRR of 8.0%+

Private Credit

KIS US actively seeks the following Private Credit opportunities

   - Sponsor: Reputable and well-known private equity firm

   - Target company: Solid financial track record with stable cash flow required and   

                                       EV of USD 500M+1

   - Min. Underwriting/Investment Amount: $100M+ preferred

   - Term: 5 years

   - Structure: 1st and 2nd lien with maintenance covenant3

   - Min. Target Margin: 1st lien – 350bps with SOFR floor

                                           2nd lien – 700bps with Libor floor

   - Leverage Ratio: Up to 6.5x EBITDA


Pre- IPO Investment / Venture Capital 

   - Series B or C (IPO within next 3-5 years)

   - New Economy (Electric Vehicle, AI, Tech), Fintech, Consumer and Healthcare

Fund Investment 

   - Pursue both financial return and strategic partnerships

   - Focus on US buyout fund

   - Open-ended, multi-strategy, opportunistic

Our Expertise and Services 

  • Capital investment

  • Investment of funds

  • Financial investment in the field of securities, real estate, and infrastructure projects

  • Commercial lending services

  • Loan financing

  • Asset and Investment Acquisition 

  • Project Financing 
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