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Korea Investment & Securities US, Inc. is an investment firm with $250M of capital. We invest in wide range of financial products from acquisition financing, real asset to fund investments. Whether you are a growing business in need of capital, or are raising funds for your portfolio, or are in need of project finance, our team of experts is ready to discuss our services, the available opportunities, and explore areas of potential collaboration. We seek to build long-lasting relationships and a track record of success.


Korea Investment & Securities US, Inc. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. which is No.1 ROE and most renowned Investment Bank in Korea.

Our Expertise  and Services

Our History 

  • Capital investment

  • Investment of funds

  • Financial investment in the field of securities, real estate, and infrastructure projects
  • Commercial lending services
  • Loan financing
  • Asset and Investment Acquisition 
  • Project Financing 

 Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. 


Korea Investment Holdings (KIH), a parent company of Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd, is a non-bank financial holding company with a diversified business line including securities, asset management, savings bank, credit finance, venture capital, PEF, and real estate trust. KIH concentrates on providing various products and services based on financial subsidiaries that have built up leading positions in their respective fields by creating synergy between subsidiaries and overseas offices in the US, China, and other Asian countries.

Our Team

A team of experienced investment professionals based in the U.S., focusing on global alternative investment opportunities encompassing acquisition finance, real estate, infrastructure, and pre-IPO  

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